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Having always been intrigued with spiritual concepts, I have spent over thirty years exploring, experimenting, researching and reading about a wide range of subjects in this vast field.  Around 17 years ago, with the help of a very dear friend, I realised to my great delight that I was able to channel spiritual guidance. This provided the basis for the emergence of other abilities and I discovered that I have clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience and claircognisance (see, hear, feel and having knowing of spiritual energies); am able to channel past life information; am able to communicate with those who have passed into spirit (mediumship); and that I have a strong spiritual connection with St Francis of Assisi - Patron Saint of Animals. 


A natural progression is Spiritual Healing and after experiencing and researching many different modalities, I knew that Reiki was exactly what I had been searching for.  Over a period of three years, I studied and practised Reiki I, Reiki II, and became a Reiki Master/Teacher in 2007.  I am fully qualified to practise and teach, am an Accredited Reiki Treatment Practitioner with Reiki Australia, and have been a Divine Love Reiki business owner for 13 years.  I very much enjoy being able to offer others the experience of Reiki and for them to see what Reiki may be able to do for them. I love that Reiki is so gentle and subtle, yet is limitless in how it can assist the body to self heal.


Since being attuned to the Reiki energies myself, I have rarely been unwell, my personal life is more peaceful, my family have benefited from the Reiki lifestyle, I find I have more clarity and wisdom, and my spiritual evolvement is continually moving to a higher level.


I am also a horse owner, offer Reiki regularly, and have frequently witnessed just how beautifully horses respond to Reiki. Like humans, Reiki can assist them with both physical and emotional healing.  As our horses give so much to us, this is a gift we can give them in return - that will support their well being and enable them to live happy and healthy lives.


Reiki for me is a way of life, and so it is only natural that it will also encompass all the Services I provide within my business of Divine Love Reiki. Reiki can be used in so many different ways and that is the wonder of it....







  • Diploma Spiritual Healing
  • Reiki Master/Accredited Reiki Treatment Practitioner
  • Australian Bush Flower Essences Advanced Practitioner
  • Past Life Regression Facilitator
  • Animal Communicator
  • Psychic/Medium 


  • Accredited Reiki Treatment Practitioner Member of Reiki Australia
  • Abide by the Code of Ethics and Code of Professional Conduct for Reiki Practice
  • Associate Member of IICT (International Institute for Complementary Therapists)
  • Abide by the Code of Ethics and Code of Professional Conduct for IICT
  • Undertake ongoing Professional Development
  • Current Apply First Aid/CPR
  • Re-attuned Usui Reiki Level I and II with William Lee Rand - founder of International Center for Reiki Training in USA
  • Re-attuned Usui Reiki Master/Teacher Level with Rachel Auton - Lotus Lifestyle







I have been receiving Reiki treatments from Wendy at Divine Love Reiki for more than seven years now.  Wendy generously creates a beautiful, Sacred space for mind, body and soul, which is the perfect environment for healing.  I have found the sessions most beneficial for numerous ailments.  The treatments have also proven most helpful before and after allopathic treatments, to assist in the healing process.  Many times over the years, I have contacted Wendy for distant Reiki treatments for family members, friends and even pets, with oft times amazing results.  For me, one of the highlights of visiting Brisbane is the absolute luxury of a Reiki treatment!

Lisa - Adelaide



I have been having Reiki treatments by Wendy for the past five years, to help with my health.  I have been a chronic asthmatic since the age of two, but since having Reiki I have noticed a vast improvement in my health.  I also no longer suffer from winter colds which in turn would trigger my asthma.  I would not hesitate to recommend Wendy to anyone seeking a Reiki treatment.

Dina - Brisbane



I have had the pleasure of consulting Wendy Cussen over the past 10 years for psychic readings and Reiki sessions.  I have found Wendy to be warm, professional and truly gifted.  Wendy provided me with numerous readings over this time.  One session in particular was to contact a dear friend who passed away.  Not only did Wendy describe her appearance but Wendy knew information about my friend that nobody else was aware of other than myself. Wendy proved in that reading how genuine and gifted she is.  Since then Wendy has counselled me through difficult times with readings giving me hope and spiritual guidance.  I have recommended Wendy to others and wouldn't hesitate contacting Wendy at any stage in my life.  Wendy is the only person I go to for readings

Sharon - Cradle Mountain (formerly of Brisbane)





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