Past Life Regression  


With a solid and long standing foundation from many years of studies of, and experience with, Reincarnation and Past Lives, I was offered an opportunity to take my studies further - into Past Life Regression Facilitation. For over a year, I had private one on one Tuition - both theory and practical - with Catherine Richmond, from Past Life Regression Brisbane, at the Field Of Grace Spiritual College.  Catherine is renowned for her wealth of knowledge and experience in Past Life Regressions, and in her work, regularly facilitates life changing healings.  Catherine has diligently tutored me to consolidate my learning and experience in this area. 


Like to learn more about yourself?

Curious about your Past Lives?

Drawn to certain cultures?

Unexplained pain?


Relationship Issues?



Why not have a

Past Life Regression...

...and gain some amazing insights into yourself!



About Past Life Regression


Past Life Regression is a technique in which YOU are able to access your own Past Lives. 


You will discover some fascinating information - where you have lived and what you have experienced, as well as gaining more of an understanding of yourself and your relationships with others.


The process is like viewing a movie of yourself. You are in a different time frame and era yet you will still recognise yourself and those around you.


As you revisit your Past Lives, you may be able to release held in emotions, which in turn, may bring about healing in your current life.  Throughout the session, be assured that you will be guided and supported as you explore your Past Lives.


Generally speaking, we all have a significantly large number of Past Lives, so if you would like to explore further it is possible to be regressed more than once.


How It Works


In a Past Life Regression session, you will be guided into a relaxed meditative state, similar to daydreaming, yet fully aware of where you are.


Your subconscious has all the knowledge of all your Past Lives, so by allowing your mind to relax and let go of day to day thoughts, you are able to access this deeper consciousness and knowledge and discover many intriguing facets about yourself.














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