Reiki For Horses  


Reiki is one of the most natural therapies in the world and because horses live in the present and are in tune with their bodies, Reiki is the perfect healing modality for them.


It is common for a horse to be a little surprised when the Reiki first begins although they very quickly realise just how good it feels and then usually position their bodies for where the Reiki is needed most.  The expression on their faces, the soft eyes, relaxed ears, droopy lip, all give away just how much horses are able to relax with Reiki.


With regard to injuries, Reiki can assist with the healing of many ailments. For cuts, and lacerations (and bites from paddock mates), Reiki promotes faster healing.


Horses' big beautiful eyes can be prone to sudden ailments and are another area where rapid improvement may be achieved with frequent Reiki treatments - of course it is best not to delay treatment by your Veterinarian if improvement is not shown quickly.  In my experience, horses' eyes respond very well to Reiki, with reduced swelling and discomfort achieved relatively quickly. 


Like humans, Reiki can assist horses with both physical and emotional healing.   Horses cannot shed tears, so by giving a Reiki treatment to a grieving horse, the Reiki practitioner can help the horse to release these emotions by shedding their tears for them during the treatment.


Reiki will not interfere with, yet may enhance, conventional treatments and medications.  Reiki is never intended to replace conventional treatment, instead it is beneficial to give Reiki as a complement to other treatments.


Reiki can never harm - it is gentle and non-invasive and yet can have powerful results.


And most importantly - HORSES LOVE REIKI!!  



What Can Reiki Be Used For?


  • To assist with healing an injury or illness 


  • To assist with healing after surgery


  • To provide relaxation and reduce stress


  • To assist with healing emotions, e.g. history of abuse or neglect, or grieving for a lost paddock companion or beloved owner 


  • To assist both owner and horse if your horse is ready to pass, for a peaceful transition


  • As a preventative health measure for a healthy horse



What Happens In A Reiki Treatment?


The Reiki is channelled through my hands - either directly onto the horse, slightly above the body, or even outside their stable or paddock fence if they are more comfortable with this.


Some horses stand still but most move their bodies to where they need the Reiki. The body then begins to balance and self heal.


During a consultation, you may see signs that your horse is responding to the Reiki. These may include: licking and chewing, yawning, sighing, eyes softening, pawing the ground, stomach grumbling, or even turning right around to watch the Reiki being given - as though saying thank you!


As an added bonus, whenever your horse is receiving Reiki, you as the owner, will also receive Reiki just by being present with your horse!



























Why not give your horse a Reiki Experience and discover the relaxing and healing benefits of this ancient therapy!   




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