What Is Reiki?   


Many people have heard of Reiki, but are not sure what it really involves .....



Reiki is an ancient Japanese, hands on healing therapy, which helps to relax the body and promote self healing physically, spiritually and emotionally


Reiki is a spiritual practice - like Meditation or Tai Chi, but not religious and is effective regardless of beliefs


Reiki will not interfere with conventional treatments, therapies and medications and may in fact enhance them


Reiki is totally safe to use on children, adults and your pets


Reiki can never harm, is gentle and non-invasive, and yet is limitless in how it can assist the body to self heal



What Can Reiki Be Used For?


  • To provide relaxation and reduce stress


  • To ease emotional problems, grief, anxiety 


  • To assist with more restful sleep


  • To assist with relief from headaches and other pain


  • To assist in recovery from illness, injury or surgery


  • As an excellent preventative health measure



What Happens In A Reiki Treatment?


During a Reiki Treatment, you remain fully clothed, on a massage table, while a series of hand positions are used, resting gently on your body. 

You may experience warmth, coolness or tingling and a sense of peace and well being - it is usual during a Reiki Treatment, to fall into a very deep relaxation, a type of meditative state.  Spending time in such a deep relaxation is rejuvenating and where self healing begins.

Although you may or may not feel significantly different after a treatment, Reiki always provides healing, even if it appears to be very subtle.



PLEASE NOTE:  With regard to Reiki treatments, the first treatment is actually comprised of 3 subsequent visits of one hour each, as closely timed as possible.   This gives the most benefit for someone who has not had Reiki treatments before.  I liken it to layers on an onion - each treatment "peels off" another layer and so enables deeper healing.


After this we can discuss how you are feeling and what would be best for you re further treatments.  After these initial sessions, some continue Reiki weekly, some fortnightly and some when they feel they need it! 






Reiki Distance Healing



What is Reiki Distance Healing?


Reiki is known as a hands-on treatment, however, it is not limited by time or distance, so it is possible to "send" Reiki energies to any person, pet, or situation, anywhere.  By having pure intent, visualising, and using sacred Reiki symbols, it is easily done and works very well.


It is very easy to send Reiki to you without even meeting you or your pet.  All I need is a photo, or some information about you, your pet, or the situation that the Reiki is to be directed to.  Reiki has a way of knowing where it is needed.



What Happens In A Reiki Distance Healing Session?


We will arrange a mutually agreeable time for you (or your pet) to relax and receive the Reiki.  I will focus the Reiki to you for the time arranged.  You may feel some sensations in your body, or nothing obvious, but quite likely at the very least, you will feel a sense of relaxation. Reiki always provides healing even if it is very subtle.  After the session I will be in contact with you by phone or email to discuss the session.



Why not have a treatment, and experience Reiki for yourself?   





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